Marketing & Admissions Workshop

ILM Group of Colleges Head Office Organized One Day Workshop on Marketing & Admissions for the Marketing Managers/Officers of all Campuses…

SMD_1589 SMD_1596 SMD_1599 SMD_1600 SMD_1605 SMD_1608 SMD_1610 SMD_1626 SMD_1627 SMD_1629 SMD_1630 SMD_1634 SMD_1639 SMD_1640

Group Photo
Group Photo

SMD_1667 SMD_1666 SMD_1665 SMD_1664 SMD_1662 SMD_1661 SMD_1660 SMD_1659 SMD_1658 SMD_1657 SMD_1656 SMD_1655 SMD_1654 SMD_1653 SMD_1651 SMD_1650 SMD_1649

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